My Generation

Nine Of Wands
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This is an album containing only generative music, i.e. music that is generated dynamically, while all elements are carefully crafted by hand to provide a unique experience. In theory, generative music never repeats, but of course the audio files are modified recordings, each approximately one hour long.

However, the download also includes a SunVox files. SunVox is a free modular software synthesizer. If you play the provided files using this program, you will get a truly generative version of each track.

These tracks are as ambient as it gets. Use them as background music while meditating, writing, drawing, tripping or in your pen & paper campaign.

  • Fool Embarks is an up lifting track that marks the beginning of a journey. It carries hope, happiness and motivation to start something new, but maybe also naivety.
  • Synthesize My Dreams is quite active and somewhat active, but also kind of relaxing. I find that it helps me concentrate and get into a good mood. It also reminds me of the sound of the band Kombinat 100.
  • Modes has practical motivation. It traverses the modes of the major scale from darkest to brightest can and back again in various pitches. Aside from its educative nature, it can also be used as a meditative tool, e.g. to traverse different mindsets.
  • With A Cry From The Void, we enter the territory of eery dark ambient: a slow musical progression, lots of reverb, large intervals. Imagine yourself diving through endless space. Surrender to the void.
  • Hypnos is probably the trippiest track on the album. It can feel restless and calming at the same time. Close your eyes, feel the sounds, let them sink in and... dream.
  • Swimming With Whales is probably my favorite track on this album. It is calm yet impactful. Breathe in and dive.
  • Eyes Closed is the final stop on this journey. It is a simple lo-fi inspired track. Lean back and relax. You did well today.

Disclaimer: No "AI" technology has been used in the creation of this album. So-called "generative AI" is a disgrace. It undermines the creative process and is simply an insult to any artist and life itself.

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Feel free to download it, copy it, redistribute it, remix it, modify it or otherwise build upon it. The only requirement is that you give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license and indicate if changes were made. Copy Copied Failed Close